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Research Laboratory - Simulation – Electromechanical/IT Systems

Sales of industrial inovative special solutions:

IDS –Technology GmbH is a small company located in Bitburg Germany whose goal is to develop and sell innovative special electromechanical solutions.

Problem recognition:

Current commonly used technology for connection via clamping of electrical power component modules has inherent disadvantages particularly for plug type connections, for instance, poor isolation of compartments, inadequate robustness against arching and material transfer and contact welding on occurrence of a short circuit.
To circumvent and eliminate such problems, IDS has developed a new generation of Power Module Units that do not utilize the plug or clamping method. This new mechanism concentrates on the exact control of the contact area and a simple effective module isolation from all surrounding functional compartments.

Project Objective:

The objective of the project was to examine the Lorentz Force development between the conductors of the modular unit under extreme conditions i.e. to discover the sensitive parameters related to these Lorentz Forces.
The short circuit realm is difficult to access experimentally. On the other hand it is of paramount importance to guarantee the specification for the practical application of the module.
Consequently, it was necessary to simulate short circuit current conditions so as to examine the electromechanical response of the conductor configuration. This allows, within the frame of the modeling depth, a detailed examination of the spatial and time related behavior of the current, fields and forces.
ITWM has the special knowledge and required software for such analysis. During the product development IDS had unlimited access to this expertise and software from which it was able to gain a significant benefit.


Utilizing special simulation software, resulting electromechanical phenomena (rotating disturbances, skin and proximity effects) of the specified conductor configuration under short circuit conditions could be quantitatively estimated. In particular, concrete measures were developed to optimize the Lorentz-Forces Effect through clever geometry and selection of materials so as to broaden the application areas of a new Power Module with significantly higher reliability.
This project exemplifies that the utilization of simulation software is also extremely useful for small companies like IDS-Technology and brings its benefits. European Patent applications for this new generation of power modules are currently in progress. This innovative technology will bring significant drive to the economic development of the entire electrical power distribution sector.